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Incyte Intelligent Security

Training is an action. 
Be prepared.


Assessment, training and communication are the keys to success

A group of students outside a school


Mission Statement

Incyte Intelligent Security utilizes best practice safety and security policies and training to prepare for a negative event at work or in normal life activities. We have years of experience with schools, houses of worship, community centers, commercial centers, and warehouses to assess a campus(s), present a plan, create a custom training program, present best practice policies, and develop a communication strategy to improve safety and security while being sensitive to the current culture.

Our goal is to train leadership, staff, congregants, and students to have the tools to make good decisions when potentially being in a negative event at work or home.


What We Provide

We provide the assessment, training, policies, and communications needed to make effective safety and security decisions. In our experience, planning and preparation are the first steps before any new safety and security purchases or hiring is considered.


Why It Matters

The answer is simple... Every single day there is a news story about a negative event in your own city or certainly across the country. Whether it is a rogue gunman, road rage, unhappy employee, unhappy spouse, or general city violence, it is all around us. Without the proper training and policies, we are all unprepared for the worst. We think it won’t happen in my city or “to me,” but it does. As a leader of a school, house of worship or an employer, there is an unspoken understanding that each of your supporters or employees will go back to their families at the end of a day or service. It sounds obvious, but think about our world. There are more and more events happening closer to where we live and work. live and work.


Buntyn Preschool
St. Mary's Episcopal School
Stax Music Academy

Chickasaw Neighborhood Association

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